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We provide arc flash training to ensure electrical workers can comply with arc flash guidelines. An Arc Flash is an explosive release of energy caused by an electrical short circuit between 2 energised conductors or an energised conductor and earth. The sudden discharge of electrical energy causes a brilliant explosion of light and sound.

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This amount of energy is sufficient to cause severe injury to anyone within the blast radius. The injuries can range from burns, blindness, hearing loss, impact injury, psychological trauma and even death.

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The incident energy in an arc flash incident does not necessarily depend on the system voltage because the lower the voltage, the more current there can be in the system and the higher current levels create the high amounts of. If the worker is exposed to a potential incident heat energy level of less than 4. Health and safety legislation in Ireland and the UK imposes numerous duties on employers and the self-employed contractors in relation to Arc Flash and electrical safety in general. I Order in UK.

Notably, this general duty extends to the provision and maintenance of safe plant and systems of work, and also the provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary. Arc Flash and other hazards associated with electricity at work must be managed in this context.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Primer

That means, not only to have appropriate technical knowledge, but also understanding of the hazards, risks and work precautions to be observed. An arc flash study is a standards based IEEE of a clients electrical network. The purpose of the study is to identify the maximum incident energy and arc flash boundary at every point of the network. Understanding the magnitude of the hazard is a key starting point in when preparing control measures to protect workers.

Our experience and expertise with arc flash studies and related works is widely recognized in the UK, Ireland and internationally and we are used across multiple industries.

A comprehensive study includes load flow and short circuit analysis as well as a full review of the existing protection system on site. Our studies allow for optimum investment by providing modelling of the entire power system". Premium Power worked directly with the multinational data centre engineering team to successfully deliver a comprehensive arc flash programme. This has been implemented on multiple client data centre sites in Europe.

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The showcase which aims to highlight current and future Arc Flash Risk Management course — We know through experience that awareness of the hazards of arc flash is not enough and that is why we have designed this special Power Quality is more problematic than ever. This is increasingly the case as modern industrial and data centers use equipment that is both very sensitive to poor power quality and Arc Flash Modelling Arc flash incidents can cause serious harm to electrical workers and damage valuable equipment on site.

Recently enacted guidelines and regulations regarding arc flash hazards have focused industry attention on quantifying the dangers of arc flash events in energized low and medium voltage electrical equipment. Since incident energy from an arcing fault is directly proportional to the arc clearing time, reducing the arcing time is very beneficial. It results in reducing the PPE level requirements and limiting both direct and collateral damage to equipment.

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