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Focus Review 8 Mar Polymer Journal. The recent progress of our research on proton exchange membranes for fuel cell applications is reviewed.

In particular, we have focused on the effect of the molecular structures of fluorine-free sulfonated aromatic polymers on membrane properties e. We identified an optimized hydrophilic molecular design sulfophenylene as SPP , that is, SPP simultaneously exhibited the highest proton conductivity and excellent mechanical stability over a wide range of humidities.

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Focus Review 1 Mar Polymer Journal. Hydrogel microspheres microgels are composed of crosslinked hydrophilic or amphiphilic polymer chains and exhibit fascinating properties.

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Against this background, we have conducted systematic research on microgels including their synthesis, characterization, assembly, and applications. In this focus review, we summarize recent results of microgel research mainly from our group and those of our collaborators. Focus Review 19 Jul Polymer Journal. Our recent studies on the nano- and micro-structured molecule-responsive hydrogels are summarized.

In addition, these hydrogels showed smart functions, such as autonomous molecule-responsive microchannel flow regulation and highly sensitive detection of a target molecule.

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The smart functions of nano- and micro-structured molecule-responsive hydrogels can provide tools for constructing sensors, microdevices and smart biomaterials. Focus Review 20 Sep Polymer Journal. Incorporating additional electron donors or acceptors into conjugated D—A alternating polymers result in various conjugated D—A terpolymers.

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Because of these structural features, conjugated D—A terpolymers have been intensively investigated for applications in field-effect transistors and photovoltaic cells. In this review, we introduce recent developments of conjugated D—A terpolymers with various combinations of electron donors and acceptors, and discuss the future perspectives of them. Review 20 Sep Polymer Journal. We review our recent studies on material designs based on element-blocks, which are defined as a minimum functional unit composed of heteroatoms, and particularly focus on the roles of element-blocks in these materials.

The following topics include solid-state luminescent materials containing o -carborane and group 13 element-blocks. Their highly efficient emission in the solid state and their photochemistry are explained.

Functional Natural and Synthetic Polymers

Furthermore, we mention chiral element-blocks containing optically active phosphine atoms. The unique properties of this series of element-block materials are illustrated. Focus Review 27 Sep Polymer Journal. Selected results are discussed with emphasis on the choice of photoresist chemistry depending on the particulars of each radiation type or patterning strategy, while we present special architectures of photoresists that have attracted a great interest in the semiconductor field.

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Focus Review 1 Nov Polymer Journal. Organic polymers for hydrogen storage and their molecular design were reviewed. Porous organic polymers reversibly stored and released hydrogen through hydrogen physisorption on their highly porous structures. Polymers containing ketone or N -heterocycle groups fixed and stored hydrogen under atmospheric pressure through the formation of chemical bonds: the hydrogenated polymers released hydrogen in the presence of catalysts at mild conditions.

Focus Review 25 Oct Polymer Journal. This review focuses on our novel approaches for developing functional polymers by dissociation phenomena of macromolecular complexes. One is highly swellable polymer gels, superabsorbent polymers for nonpolar organic solvents, and the other is thermo-responsive polymers at ambient temperature in nonpolar solvents. A detailed time schedule will be posted as soon as the details are fixed and you will get a notifiation if you register for this excursion. Influence of modified renewable oils on the fracture mechanics behaviour of SBR polymers.

The Research School Network Halle invites all participating researchers to the first summer meeting. Here local research schools will introduce themselves.

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The plenary talk will address open questions of general interest to all participants and will show possible strategies to tackle environmental problems. Participants form several research schools will have the opportunity to get into contact in a stimulating atmosphere, which fosters exchange and creates opportunities for collaborations. In the group of Prof.

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The Poly glycidyl propargyl ether backbone itself offers Li-ion coordinating EO groups in addition to the OEG side chains clicked to it. We present a comparative study of linear and brush polymers based on PEG towards application in L-batteries as solid polymer electrolytes. We are an interdisciplinary group covering fields of Chemistry, Physics and Material Science.

Our tools include diverse thin film preparation techniques, self-assembly and device preparation and characterization in addition to elaborate synthetic methods.