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Busch is the world's 1 selling digital camera guide author, and the originator of popular digital photography series like David Busch's Pro Secrets and David Busch's Quick Snap Guides.

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As a roving photojournalist for more than twenty years, he illustrated his books, magazine articles, and newspaper reports with award-winning images. He's operated his own commercial studio, suffocated in formal dress while shooting weddings-for-hire, and shot sports for a daily newspaper and upstate New York college. During the past year, he's had as many as five of his books listed in the Top 20 of Amazon. David D.

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Wherever your A goes, this book should go too. This book is chock full of handson tips for choosing lenses, flash units, and software products to use with your new camera. Packed with great techniques and full-color examples, this book helps you take advantage of all the D's features. From the Quick Tour on how to use your D to the intricacies of setting white balance, working with the flash, converting NEF, and shooting superb images in more than twenty common situations, it's all here - and it goes anywhere you and your Nikon can.

Photoblogs have become a very important tool for advanced photographers and professionals who want to market their work, as well as a popular forum for casual photographers to share personal photos. This guide explains the purpose and function of all the features and capabilities of each WordPress tool, how to use them, and why. Laid out in clear, well-illustrated two- and four-page spreads, each step-by-step explanation includes images that show the results after using each feature.

All the basics of creating a WordPress account, setting up your photoblog, uploading your first photos, and sharing them, are presented in an easy to browse format. Perfect for professional photographers, avid amateur shutterbugs, and even non-photography bloggers who want to include photos on their blog sites, "David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Photoblogging with WordPress" will help you get up and blogging quickly and easily This full-color portable guide walks you through the essential controls, features, and functions of your Nikon D40 or D40x digital SLR using step-by-step instructions and full-color images of each menu screen.

This robust guide not only shows you how to adjust white balance, autofocus, exposure, and choose lenses, it also teaches you when and why you should adjust each of these key settings. Filled with amazing examples, this book also presents you with a variety of tips and tricks to capturing portraits, candids, sports, travel, macro photography, and much more You also want to quickly and easily discover how, when, and why to use the most important features of your cutting-edge camera.

Brimming with full-color images and examples, this book will help photographers of any level enhance their digital photography skills and techniques. If you own a Digital Rebel XT, then you're planning to do more than just take the occasional snapshot. You're serious about photography. As an avid photographer, you owe it to yourself to make the most out of your cutting-edge equipment.

David Busch's Nikon D5600 Guide to Digital SLR Photography

You want to conquer the features of your Digital Rebel XT and you also want to take amazing photographs - and you want to do both now! Welcome to the guide that can lead you to each of these goals. Filled with full-color images to illustrate results at various settings, this book also helps you enhance your digital photography skills with techniques specific to the EOS Digital Rebel XT This fourth edition helps you choose the right camera, compose and capture great photos, load them onto your computer, enhance them with Photoshop, and share them online or as prints.

As the new owner of a Pentax KD, you are serious about photography and want to take outstanding pictures. Introductory chapters will help you get comfortable with the basics of your camera before you dive right into exploring creative ways to apply the Pentax KD's exposure modes, focus controls, and electronic flash options. This book is chock full of hands-on tips for choosing lenses, flash units, and software products to use with your new camera. Beautiful, full-color images illustrate where the essential buttons and dials are, so you'll quickly learn how to use your Pentax KD, and use it well Organized into easy to browse chapters that each cover a different type of gear, it includes a helpful introduction to everything from tripods to camera bags to filters to flashes to memory cards, and everything in between.

And to help you choose the best gear for you, you'll find information on exactly what you should buy and why you need it.

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The book cuts through the confusion so you can select the perfect tools for the kind of photography you want to do. Have you unpacked your new Nikon D digital SLR camera and want to get started right away taking professional quality pictures? As the new owner of Canon's most advanced intermediate digital SLR, you want to get started taking professional-looking photographs using all of the exciting features at your fingertips.

You'll learn about the camera's improved automatic focus, flash synchronization tricks, how to choose lenses that will provide the perspective and effects you want, and which exposure modes are ideal for each picture-taking opportunity. Packed with full-color images and examples that illustrate the recommended techniques and settings for your Canon EOS 40D, this book helps photographers of any skill level begin maximizing their equipment as soon as you open the cover!

Have you unpacked your new Nikon D60 digital SLR camera and want to get started right away taking great pictures? More comprehensive than any of the pocket-sized camera guides, this book is chock full of hands-on tips for choosing lenses, flash units, and software products. Whether you're a professional photographer or an avid amateur shutterbug, get ready to flex your creativity and enhance your portfolio of images.

used books, rare books and new books

Filled with inspiring images, this book will help digital photographers like you improve your skills, fill out your portfolio, and maximize your creative vision. Categorized into a variety of genres, each image is laid out in a two-page spread with information on how the picture was taken and advice on how to shoot in a similar situation or setting. More than just a wonderful set of images, the photographs in this book are meant to serve as ideas for potential projects of your own and encourage you to explore new photographic territory Get ready to go from digital picture taker to digital photographer!

Achieve pixel proficiency as you learn what your digital camera's controls mean to your photographs as well as the creative techniques that allow you to capture the ideal image digitally.

David Busch´s Nikon D500 Guide to Digital SLR Photography

Discover both the technical side of digital photography - why so many options, features, and formats exist and how to use them to improve your pictures - as well as the professional techniques that anyone can use to take better action photos, portraits, scenic shots, close-ups, and more. Infrared photography can provide unique and flattering portraits, eye-catching close-ups of flowers, travel photographs unlike any you've ever seen before, and, if you know a few tricks, a new perspective on sports photography. You may have seen infrared photos without even being aware that they are infrared images!