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Siemek, J. Bandzierz, L. Reuvekamp, J. Dryzek, W. Dierkes, A. Blume, and D. Dryzek, P. Horodek, M. B Horodek, J. Hododek, V. Skuratov, " Defect range and evolution in swift Xe-ion irradiated pure silver studied by positron annihilation technique ", Acta Physica Polonica A, Horodek, " Positron annihilation studies of the near-surface regions of niobium before and after wear treatment ", Tribol.

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Self-similarity of higher-order moving averages. Empirical study of the growth dynamics in real career h-index sequences. The framing of risks and the communication of subjective probabilities for victimizations. Reply to Farrell: Improved individual estimation success can imply collective tunnel vision.

Recognition of crowd behavior from mobile sensors with pattern analysis and graph clustering methods.

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